The Quantum World : The Future of Reality


March 11, 2015 by The Girl Made of Words

The  Quantum World

If we lived in the quantum world, our idea of reality would not exist. There would be no solid concrete boundaries between matter. We would simply see different vibrational patterns all around. And patterns are possibilities (not things).

In our current reality, we don’t see waves of possibility, we see the ‘collapse’ of those waves which is really just one frozen possibility in time.

If we lived in a quantum world, we would be able to exist as spiritual beings (that’s just to say, something that doesn’t require a physical body to attach it’s consciousness to). We would be as free flowing and abundant as light without any concern for time or space. We would be another wave of possibility, another way for the field of consciousness to explore and interact with itself.

If we found ourselves to be quantum creatures, we would have no need for time. We would be living the expansion of consciousness in every moment. We would be a series of complexities, a manifestation of infinity playing out again and again with every new consciousness that comes awake and alive for the first time.

We would be allowing the collective field energy to know itself better: like how we teach children the concept of number theory in stages. For instance, you don’t teach fractions before you teach whole numbers. You wouldn’t teach a number in exponential form before you taught them what a decimal place was used for. It’s all about scale. Expanding upward with addition, multiplication, exponents, and whatever comes after that (I should have paid more attention in math class). And scaling down to the infinitesimally small with things like subtraction, division, roots, and so on. This is how numbers become more and more complex. We are essentially zooming in more and more and more on a specific measurement.

Let’s look at the number 4.573 : This number tells me that it is located somewhere between 4 and 5. After the decimal I see it is somewhere above halfway between those two locations. I zoom in and cut that distance yet again with the next number and the next until I can see it in its most ‘pure’ form.

If we start to look at numbers as a language the universe speaks that we are assigning our own set of values to, we begin to see that math isn’t the study of calculations, it’s an opportunity to see the universe with a new set of eyes. Suddenly, the quantum world doesn’t feel so far away. It doesn’t seem so distant and foreign.

Geometry: the study of the mathematical relationships between the measurements of shapes found in our world. How incredible! I never knew that’s why I was supposed to be learning all of those useless strings of equations. But when I have this context, how I wish I could go back and explore the meaning behind all of the knowledge that was being passed onto me. Maybe I would have retained some of it and known this mysterious God force that flows through everything in a more concrete way?

Because the quantum world is coming. We can’t avoid it forever. Sure, we would love to say that the rules that govern the quantum world don’t apply to us, but guess what? We’re all made up of those same microscopic building blocks. We are waves of possibility that have been trained to collapse into certain patterns, but as we dig deeper into our consciousness we will see that reality is only one possibility out of an infinity.

Every moment is just as cosmically incredible as winning the lottery ever could be.

Every moment of consciousness, every second of this incredible awareness of being I’m granted is a complete and total miracle to me.

For the first time in my life I’m beginning to understand that we don’t have to live one single string of physical experiences. I mean, you can. That’s an option at this point in our collective consciousness, but it is expanding all around us in every moment. It won’t stay small and contained inside the micro world for long. As we become aware of ourselves, the complexity grows, we add our light to the pile and it grows bigger and brighter still.

So in that way, as we grow, God grows. He is an all knowing entity because he is the combined consciousness of every piece of information that ever was. He can hold every fact, figure, relationship, and memory all in one breath.

The unified field, the collective unconscious, God, whatever you want to call that supreme force that reigns over all: he is not outside of us. He is us. We are him. Knowing ourselves a little better, feeding into each other to further this process of evolution.

The quantum world is coming. We’re becoming better at juggling all of this rapid intake of information and every generation will be able to make these rapid jumps from living solely in a physical world, to being a dualistic creature that can traverse both the single experience of physicality inside of a time scale and the infinity of living virtually on a plane that lives inside of us now and will become more and more of a reality outside of us as well.

The tides are changing.

One consciousness at a time.

Get ready to go quantum, world. It’s coming.

For More Information, Visit My Un-Official Guide To Consciousness

Dr. Amit Goswami:

‘Consciousness, Quantum Physics, and Being Human’


6 thoughts on “The Quantum World : The Future of Reality

  1. Haliaetos' says:

    seriously, i can’t wait and i try to connect with it as much as possible in the now.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. the girl behind the veil says:

    This is an entry I will read over and over again to gain a better understanding. I think it holds great meaning – and while my meaning may be vastly different than yours – I am excited to dig into it and feel the lightness and heaviness of what I learn about myself.

    (side note: I emailed you on FL – I know you get a lot of them, but I just wanted to ensure you got mine as it was personal to me (that doesn’t mean it had to be personal to you)

    Back to the subject at hand… I look forward to discovering the meaning to the quantum world and how it works within the construct of me.

    Thank you for another thought provoking write.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Megan says:

    I love your blog! I’m always learning something new. I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award!

    Liked by 1 person

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