The Calling

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May 18, 2015 by The Girl Made of Words

The new moon rises
In complete darkness

Begging us all
To look within

For the light

‘Come a little closer,’ 
The heart bids

And I am so drawn 
To its innate warmth

I close my eyes
And walk inside

Taking stock 
Of all the beauty there

Baubles and trinkets
Hang all around

Some from my very earliest
Days upon this earth

Some from days
I haven’t yet lived 
On this mortal plane

Then I see her,
My eternal self

I am bathed in
The quiet brilliance of her

‘Oh, hello there.’
I say, timid now
In her presence

She is all of my 
Very best qualities

She is who
I am destined to become

She is me
And I am her

I am terrified 
Of her scrutiny

‘Don’t be frightened, child.’
And she is mother
And I am small
And calm 

‘What is it you seek, my love?’
She extends a slender wrist
Offering me her grace filled grasp

I fumble
Looking down
Pretending not to notice
The offer she places before me

I glide backwards
And then my heel connects
With something 

And I am tumbling over
So quickly
I cannot 
Catch myself

I look down
Searching for 
What has caused this folly

It is a doll
Dressed in pink lace
Curls frame
Her rosy cheeks
And she smiles up at me
With glassy eyes

I pick her up
And hold her close to my breast

A sigh escapes my lips

And I am 

I look up again
At my inner self
And she has dimmed her light
So that I may see her
As she sees herself

Just as mortal as I 

‘Come closer.’
She says again

And this time
Dolly in hand
I am able to come to her

I sit down gingerly
Beside her

And she takes my hand in hers
Flipping my palm upwards

Tracing the lines of me
Ever so slowly

‘You have lived 
Such a life.
But you have so much
More to come.’

I stare, disbelieving
Not wanting to hear 
How much more I have
To travel

‘Do not be afraid.’
She says, feeling me recoil

‘When you are too weak
To walk the path before you
I will lead the way.
Just as I have been 
All along.’

I crumple 
Into myself 

‘You have?
But I haven’t seen you!’
I protest

Who do you think
Has been commanding the winds
Around you?’

‘Who did you believe 
Was painting you those pictures
In the sky?’

‘I guess
I thought it was
My creator.’

‘Oh, but you create yourself,
Beautiful girl. 
In every moment you are
Your very own creator.’

‘In fact,
You have created me.’

‘Don’t you see
That I am the sum total
Of your every decision?’

‘And look at what divine beauty
You have manifested in me.’

‘No.’ I say
Getting up again
Looking for an escape
Refusing to hear these words
That slice through me
With the weight of them

‘I’m just a girl. 
I have no power.’

‘Oh, but you do.’
She sings sweetly
Watching me lazily
Waiting for this truth to penetrate

‘Everyone carries the power
Within themselves.
But only a very few
Have the eyes to see it
While in their mortal form.’

‘You came here
Because you are ready.’

I shout
Running now

It seems 
I am stuck in 
One hollow place

Going nowhere

Spinning my wheels
Until I tire out

‘Take as much time 
As you need.’
She whispers 
From somewhere deep inside

‘The truth will always be here.’

And then I hear it
The soft hum of morning
All around me

And then I feel it
The sun calling my body
To wake

And then I know it
The world spins 
All around me

Just waiting
For me to embrace it
And know
It’s mine for the taking

If only
I will surrender 
To it

If only
I will see myself
As she does

‘Not today…’
I breathe into the wind

And I feel the earth
Shift back into focus

The magic 
Gone back into hiding

Ever so patiently
For the day

I finally
My calling.


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