Science and Spirituality: Quantum Edition


June 5, 2015 by The Girl Made of Words

Have you heard of quantum physics? Maybe.


Have you heard of spirituality? Most definitely.

But have you seen them blended together like a scientific smoothie that will have all your chakras tingling {that’s another video altogether though. stay tuned.}

In this talk I decided to record all of my current understanding of: quantum mechanics (with explanation of the ‘double slit experiment’, yep! double), time relativity as it relates to the field of quantum mechanics, and how spirituality practices can aid in the necessary expansion of our consciousness in order to be able to really grasp and understand these subjects. This is not something your brain will understand the first {300} times you watch it. It takes some digesting to really be able to grasp these new implications on our reality.

Times are changing.

With the quickness.


How do we keep up? By using our master subconscious computing power. Dun dun dun!


That’s it. That’s my whole plan. To expose our subconscious mind and show how incredible this thing we possess really is..

I’m like a fervent used car salesman for the mind.


‘Just take it for a test drive before you say no. Okay?’

And what’s my sales pitch?

Well, so far I’ve used neuroscience by way of self-induced neuroplasticity. I (did my best to) explain the scientific connection between that field of study and how that shapes my own spiritual practice.

And today I’m trying to land another hook in the minds of those around me.
Have you heard of quantum mechanics but thought that was something only boys liked or thought you had to spend your entire life paying off a degree which granted you access to this information? Well kid, you’re in luck. Because guess what? I have my very own all access pass to some of the greatest minds in science today.

I sit in on their lectures being hosted all across the world (and time continuum) and I get to watch them all every single day for free.

Can you say, YouTube account?


Yeah. You can learn just about anything with a phone, some earbuds, and an active imagination.

My brain likes to chew. It likes information to process.

I used to feed it whatever garbage the outside world threw at me, and then one day it all just became too much. I had to go on a spiritual cleanse diet. ASAP.

So just like someone who wants to know the best and most effective diet in town, I did my research. First into psychology. Which then led me to neuroscience. Which somehow landed me in cosmology. And then quantum physics {my favorite ride at the universal knowledge park}. And all of that was wrapped around my ever evolving spiritual practices.

I let the science move me towards my next truth and my next. It’s an interesting blend to know some of the why behind all of the spiritual practices I grew up with in a ‘normal’ southern baptist church. {Whatever that means.}

I’ve dropped a few things here and there that didn’t seem to fit in my current world view, I’ve adapted many others. But mostly I’m just making this up as I go along as a sort of spiritual experiment. Testing what works, changing constants once in a while and moving variables around until they start to make sense and show some progress.
All of that say say this: I don’t know where I’m going yet, but I’m loving this journey so far. And I’m glad to have other fellow thinkers and seekers out there who understand the hungry brain, hungry heart nature of existence.

So here’s just one more piece of the bigger picture.

Here’s Science and the Subconscious Mind: Quantum Physics 101.


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3 thoughts on “Science and Spirituality: Quantum Edition

  1. Huddyup says:

    As the universe expands, so should our mind/body/soul element


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