The Nature of Home

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August 7, 2015 by The Girl Made of Words

My favorite place to be 

Is beneath the shade of a great tree, 

Pondering the inherent complexity 

That composes it’s form


Observing the way  

It winds itself up to the heavens above

Reaching out in every direction

For the light that feeds it quite perfectly


I love to sit beside a stream

And let it gurgle softly 

As each molecule travels in tandem 

Onto its next destination


Forever changing and shaping 

The earth it moves through

In small seemingly insignificant ways


All the while containing

An entire microcosm of life

Within its rushing tides 


I adore the stillness of a mountainside

As the world below slips away

The hush that fills the air 

Steals the very breath from my lungs

As I see through the eyes of majesty

From my perch atop the only true giants of our time


But when I am beneath the stars

That’s when my soul feels most at home

Here, inside of the cosmos 

Because I am the smallest rendering of all

I am but a grain of sand

Along the shores of our galaxy 


I am occupying 

A passing blip of time

Along the endless stream of the universe


Home isn’t something that can live inside of four walls

It’s our tiny pin on a map that is ever expanding 

Home is a fixed point in time

That feels like dirt beneath your feet

That sounds like the creaking chorus

Of cicada on a summer night

It’s air

It’s starlight


It’s the ever evolving

Story of life. 

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