The {E}Motion of Time

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August 16, 2015 by The Girl Made of Words


We are ever moving across time

Even when we are still

It lurches past us 

In silent ways


We each have our very own

Span of time

On this earth 


And we share this spot of now

With everyone and everything that is

At this point in history


Sometimes I wonder what judgements

Future generations will pass 

On how we are choosing to spend it

Even now 


Will we evolve into a species

That will one day bypass 

This perpetual rhythm of life


Will they think us

Overly simple

Or overly complicated 


Perhaps a little of both


One of the most marvelous gifts of time

Is that it flows differently for everyone


My concept of an hour

Is much different from yours


Yet the clock ticks a precise crawl

Across its face 


I love the idea of stretching my mind

Far beyond the human time table


Thinking of planetary life cycles

That dwarf our time here most significantly 


And then I think of a mere insect

Having to learn all of life’s secrets

At such a rapid pace 


But here we are

Occupying this patch of time

Every one of us


And I sit, still

While time washes past me

And I ask, 

What will we say 

What will we do

With our time in the sun?

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