I am so many things and possibilities.
The labels that I wear look like
Mother, Daughter, Confidant, Lover.

More than that,
I am a woman.
Intense, Emotional, and Charged with Life.

I have inside me the soul of a tortured artist,
The light of a thousand suns,
And the unyielding heart of an eternal seeker of truth.

At the very core of me though,
I’m just a girl.
Longing to know myself.

18 thoughts on “About

  1. tonygilotte says:

    Incredibly beautiful

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  2. I like your personal profile reflects, that you are a sensitive Human being

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  3. Seems we are on a similar journey. Wish to know more about myself as well. Blogging is turning out to be a great way for me to record my musings and meet others like yourself on similar oaths. Thanks for stopping by and following Fearsome Beard. I’m adding your blog to my follow list as well, the journey isn’t lonely at all.

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    • I started this blog thinking it would give me another box to put my thoughts in, but it has already expanded into much more. It has become an essential part of the journey by giving me a chance to share myself and learn others. It’s a daily reminder to spend time with myself and that’s an invaluable resource.

      I hope that your journey brings you to incredible truths and love of self.

      Write on!

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  4. Thanks for stopping by, reading and liking my post “The Untouched Power of the Mind/Brain”. Most appreciated. And here’s to the journey called Life.. 🙂

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  5. May you remember the voice of the graceful spirit, that whispers in the winds of the wilderness, of the precious gift that you are.

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  6. qanauelv says:

    You have an imaginative-expressive way with words, it’s beautiful. Thanks for stopping by. xoxo Quornesha

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  7. inertialconfinement says:

    Wow! This about page is so beautiful!

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  8. Vivek says:

    Appealing words!

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  9. Here you go my dear…a Creative Blogger Award for you
    Much Love,

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  10. Nomzi Kumalo says:

    Pleased to meet you. Feel free to visit my blog when you get the chance. 🙂


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