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  1. Drowning in a Sea of Busy


    February 24, 2015 by The Girl Made of Words

    Today I decided to take a short science hiatus, we’ll see how long I can stay away, because I like …
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  2. Spoiler Alert: The Perfect Mom Doesn’t Exist

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    February 19, 2015 by The Girl Made of Words

    I think all mothers beat themselves up emotionally. It’s hard wired into our brains to want to do more, love …
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  3. You Can’t Put a Price Tag on a Good View


    February 6, 2015 by The Girl Made of Words

    … I’d rather accept myself and move on, because growth can never happen when you’re constantly trying to ‘fix yourself’. Growth can only happen once we learn to take ourselves where we are and move forward.

  4. Raising the Roof of Mankind


    January 23, 2015 by The Girl Made of Words

    The clouds were put here during the day to keep the non-dreamers comfortably small. They shield the waking world from the wonder that lies just beyond their misty grasp. For the ones that are brave enough to see past the veil the skies provide us, there is an infinite amount of possibility…

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