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  1. Single? I Don’t Think So.


    July 1, 2015 by The Girl Made of Words

    So right now I don’t exactly have a partner to invest in and share myself with. But do I consider …
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  2. Validation, Inside Out


    June 27, 2015 by The Girl Made of Words

    Listen, I have to tell you something important. Now at first it’s going to sound simple and cliche but I’ve …
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  3. Practicing Self Love: 101

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    June 22, 2015 by The Girl Made of Words

    This talk discusses the importance of self love and key perspectives you can take on to enhance the relationship with …
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  4. The Change


    June 16, 2015 by The Girl Made of Words

    Something happens When you love yourself Everything begins to shift and change Nothing is off limits to you anymore You …
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  5. How to Rock Your Own Socks Off


    May 28, 2015 by The Girl Made of Words

    Step One: Get a mirror and get comfortable. Who’s that sexy thing walking by? Oh…that’s me? Wow. Way to go …
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  6. Incredible, Irresistable You

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    April 6, 2015 by The Girl Made of Words

       I wake up every morningEager to spend A little more time with you I can’t wait to seeWhat secretsWe will …
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  7. “Closure, Table for One”

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    February 19, 2015 by The Girl Made of Words

    Closure happens when we assign meaning to an experience and recognize that purpose as having been fulfilled. That means that …
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