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  1. The Nature of Home

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    August 7, 2015 by The Girl Made of Words

       My favorite place to be  Is beneath the shade of a great tree,  Pondering the inherent complexity  That composes …
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  2. Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

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    July 25, 2015 by The Girl Made of Words

    Science is making some pretty remarkable discoveries in what I consider to be the true last frontier for mankind, our …
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  3. Single? I Don’t Think So.


    July 1, 2015 by The Girl Made of Words

    So right now I don’t exactly have a partner to invest in and share myself with. But do I consider …
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  4. Validation, Inside Out


    June 27, 2015 by The Girl Made of Words

    Listen, I have to tell you something important. Now at first it’s going to sound simple and cliche but I’ve …
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  5. ‘Dual Energy Meditation Technique’ and ‘Why it’s Important to Share (and Expand) our Minds’


    June 9, 2015 by The Girl Made of Words

    I recorded two talks several days ago and am sharing them both here with links at the end of each …
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  6. Science and Spirituality: Quantum Edition


    June 5, 2015 by The Girl Made of Words

    Have you heard of quantum physics? Maybe. . Have you heard of spirituality? Most definitely. . But have you seen …
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  7. Free Yourself

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    June 4, 2015 by The Girl Made of Words

    Free yourself From these mortal trappings You are meant for so much more Your heart is like a diamond Able …
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